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My 1000 pt Brass Golem/Mystic Draconum army
17x Brass Golems *
15x Brass Golems **
13x Brass Golems ***
1x mystic Draconum
     The game this army is going to be used in is one where there are two additional rules to the rule book. 1) Armies must be made up of nothing but one main figure type (toughness not counting towards type) plus one healer of any type.  2) No figures with ranged attacks unless it is a healer. With this in mind I built my Brass Golem army with the Mystic Draconum as my healer. My teammates army is an Utem Guardsman army with a mystic Draconum as his healer. The armies we are playing against are a Troll Brawler army and a Wood Golem army both are using a tough Mending Priestess as their healer.

Armies made by others

3x *** Amazon Blade Mistresses
1x *** Khamsin Fuser

2x *** Shaman
1x *** Blade Golem

1x Magus
1x *** Shaman
1x * Noble Archer

3x *** Amazon Blademistresses

199 pts.

200 point Atlantean army
 nine units, starting out moving as three formations until things got mixed up. Only formation 1 broke up much, the other two tried to stay together.

Formation 1: 3 Blade Golem (1 tough, 2 weak)

Formation 2: Weak Demi-Magus hiding behind two Tough Utem Crossbowmen

Formation 3: Weak Demi-Magus hiding behind two Weak Imotep Gunners

200 points exactly. The Blade Golems were used mainly as shock troopers and distractions while the ranged units lobbed Magic Blasts or Magic Enhanced attacks. More useful in the first game against a League army than in the second game versus a dwarf-heavy Black Powder army.

3*Troll Artillerist
1**Mending Priestess
2***Living Elemental

2*amotep gunners
2* nightstalkers
1* altem guardsmen
1*** Ranger

Steam*** X2
Brass** X2