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Terrain Sampler - War Zone Gaming Terrain

This is an exact word for word excerpt from the new h2h rules that Wiz Kids posted on April 14th.
Head-to-Head Tournaments are played on a standard 3' x 3' playing surface. Only Standard Terrain Templates are tournament legal, including Special Terrain (Shallow Water, Deep Water and Low Walls). Elevated terrain may not be used. Standard Terrain Templates are available for download from our web site at
     Each player must bring four pieces of terrain to the tournament. Both players place their terrain in a pool (totaling eight pieces), from which four pieces of terrain are selected using Setting the Scene rules on page 3 of the Mage Knight rule book. No terrain may be placed in an opponent's Starting Area, or within 2" of another terrain piece, or within 2" of a battlefield edge.

So by the way it looks any terrain that you made is no longer tourney legal. :-( Demo has declared that you can 3-dimentionalize the terrain templates as long as they don't impede game play in any way.

Here is where I will be posting terrain building tips and instructions.

Materials I use:
     Dow Blueboard (come in three thickness', 1/2", 1", 2", and a sheet is about 4'x8' in size price will be between $8-$15 depending on thickness)
     Hot Wire Foam Cutter (Used to cut Blueboard and other Styrofoam, costs about $8-$15 at a craft store)
     Woodland Scenics Green or Earth Undercoat (used to add a base color to your terrain features, about $6 for an 8 oz bottle at a hobby shop)
     Cardboard (free is you ask any store like K-mart or even a McDonalds restaurant)
     Thin Cardstock (cereal box cardboard, or ask a McDonalds for the dividers that come in their nugget sauce cases)
     Woodland Scenics turf (comes in various colors and coarsnesses ranging from $2.99 for a few oz bag to $8.60 for a 32 oz shaker bottle)
     Masonite or 1/4" plywood to use as a base for larger terrain items (unsure of current price for a 4'x8' sheet)
     A painters drop cloth (the cloth king not the plastic) or a piece of white or tan cloth large enough to cover a standard dinning table (price will vary depending on where you go and what you get)
     Wooden toothpicks (free at any restaurant or a couple of bucks for a box or them at the store) I use these for fences, spikes, posts, wood piles, ect...
     Paints of varying colors, preferably there will be blue, green, brown and black in your paint selection (varying costs depending on amount and location of purchase)
A rotary tool such as a Dermal or Black & Decker Wizard (unsure of the current price got mine as a gift)
     Attachments for the rotary tool- various (costs from about $10-?? for attachments)
     One can of brown spray paint and one can of green spray paint, these are used on the above mentioned cloth (about $1.00 each for the cheap brand at Walmart) (The spray paint is misted lightly on the cloth so that it looks like it could be the ground. I hope to have a picture of the cloth I am going to be working on soon, I am just waiting for the weather to clear up some so that I can do it.)
     A few roles of masking tape ($0.97 for so for a roll of 3/4" wide at Walmart

Here is a picture sent to me by Catnshel. He made it with styrofoam that was purchased from Hobby Lobby,  painted all the pieces first then carved the lines for the bricks and painted in the mortar and used Toothpicks and Styrofoam glue to assemble it.
If you look close you will notice a that he used the "new" fraction art work for the flags. I don't know if he glued the rock on to make the MK symbol or if it is temporary.