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Think I may have fixed a couple of the problems. Should have new site content up soon.

Got Land? 
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Welcome to WarlordEldorfDragonsbane's Mage Knight Site.

Hi, I am WarlorfEldorfDragonsbane. I am a warlord for the Mage Knight game. I do all my work as a warlord in the Flint, Michigan area. I am currently running events through the Adventurers Guildhouse in Flint and am always looking for other local places to run events through. Once a store is signed up as a venue they can hold demos and tournaments. I would be in charge of these tournaments and demos (or another warlord if I cannot do the event). If you have any questions about the game just e-mail me. My e-mail is

Have a forum for Mage Knight Ideas it is at   My ezboard community

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